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Connect your maps to form full worlds, a useful tool for D&D among other TTRPGs, place locations that can be clicked to view or transitions to quickly take you from one place to another.


  • Import custom images to use as Worlds, Markers, Locations or Transitions.
  • Zoom and drag around your Worlds with the mouse.
  • Add Locations and Transitions to your World in specified positions.
  • Click Transitions within your World to travel to other Worlds you have created.
  • Display and store the information of your Worlds, Transitions and Locations using Rich text BBCode.
  • Make Locations or Transitions secret, hiding their names and description when previewed and viewed.
  • Measure distances with a customizable tool using unique measurements per World.


  • Right Click - Show the menu when on the Map
  • Left Click - Select or Confirm
  • Shift + Left Click - Edit the target
  • Ctrl + Left Click -  Move the target (when second click is received away from your target, it will be placed and follow your mouse while it is held down)
  • Middle Mouse - Held in grabs the map and allows you to navigate around when the mouse is moved
  • Scroll - Scroll In and Out to Zoom
  • Shift + Scroll - to Zoom faster
  • S -  Save
  • F11 -  Toggle fullscreen


  • Created by MoonsPod
  • Dumbledor font by Gemfonts
  • Ferrum font by Dot colon
  • Handlee font by Joe Prince
  • Markers, Buttons by Kenney
  • Made with Godot
  • Map in page images created in Wonderdraft

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