A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


Spry is a simple 2d platformer with the ability for creating custom levels (read Custom levels.txt found in the games folders). It is also my first game, heavily inspired by my friends game Hard. I hope you'll enjoy it and please do share custom levels in the comments inside code boxes, i'd love to see them. :)


ActionKeyboard InputController Input (Xbox)
MoveArrow left/right or A/DDpad
JumpSpace or Arrow up or WA
SneakShift or Arrow down or SX
PauseP or EscapeStart

Check out more of my stuff: Moonspod


Created by - Moonspod
Inspired by - Sean 'ipi' Latham (Hard)
Scripting support - Cheeseness
Music by - Mateusz 'Jakim' Szymański (Mindless, Valium Candles, Whatever it Means, A Guy Walks Into a Bar)
Sound Effects by - LittleRobotSoundFactory (Menu Select), PlasterBrain (Arcade Splatter, 8bit Jump, Game Start), OwlStorm (Retro Video Game sfx Laser 3, Retro Video Game sfx Bwah)
Created with Godot

Known issues

- Options button menus display white text even when color is enabled


Spry Linux.zip 69 MB
Spry Windows.zip 68 MB

Install instructions

Unzip ~ run the exe or shortcut! :)

Development log


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